Corey A. Hall 

Corey A. Hall is a member of both the New York and California bars. Corey earned his Juris Doctorate at UC Hastings, where he worked as a federal judicial extern in the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit and the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.


Corey focuses on building a long-term relationship with his clients so that he can contribute to their long-term success. The estate and trust process can be daunting, and Corey will navigate you through the process by providing knowledgeable and skillful representation.


Corey is passionate about helping clients through what, for many, can be one of the more difficult periods of their life. When a dispute arises between the parties, Corey will work to negotiate a resolution that upholds your interests. His goal is to resolve your legal matter as quickly and cost effectively as possible to obtain a favorable result for you.


However, if an acceptable agreement cannot be reached, Corey has zero hesitation to bring the dispute into the courtroom. Corey is a true trial lawyer and he already has more trial experience than most senior partners in big law firms. This is important because his willingness to go to trial increases your chances for a great result. 


Kenneth C. Decker

Kenneth C. Decker earned his Juris Doctor degree in 2014. Ken has over 39 Years of Fiduciary Management and Fiscal Responsibility experience; as well as experience in Trust and Real Estate Management. He has worked with elderly clients in many capacities—as a private patient advocate, estate planner, asset protector, and elder consultant. Ken has also been a Court Authorized Trustee in both Orange County and Los Angeles County Superior courts. 


Ken’s knowledge of Common Law Trusts, Corporations, and LLC Formation is vast. He has experience testifying in court as an expert witness in several complex financial-related cases. Ken also has experience in dealing with State, Local and Federal agencies for Administrative, Regulatory, and Compliance issues.


Ken’s professionalism, enthusiasm, and deep understanding of wills & trusts, business practices, combined with his experience of overseeing of $100 MM+ in private assets of high-net-worth clients is invaluable to the Hall Law Group’s estate planning division.